ITU declares LTE-Advanced, 802.16m 4G standards

At its recent meeting in Chongqing, China, ITU-R Working Party 5D, which is charged with defining the IMT-Advanced global 4G technologies, decided on these technologies for the first release of IMT-Advanced. In the ITU-R Report, which will be published shortly. The working group declared that LTE-Advanced, the next-generation of LTE, and WirelessMAN-Advanced technologies have successfully met all of the criteria established by the ITU for the first release of 4G, otherwise known as IMT-Advanced. The report is expected to be approved by the ITU member states at the ITU-R Study Group 5 meeting in Geneva late next month.

- Fierce Wireless. See also the original ITU-R press release.

ITU-R Confers IMT-Advanced (4G) Status to 3GPP LTE

The 3GPP candidate technology submission for IMT-Advanced developed as LTE Release 10 & Beyond (LTE-Advanced) was today accepted as a 4G technology at the Chongqing meeting of ITU-R Working Party 5D, having successfully completed Steps 4 through 7 of the IMT-Advanced process in ITU-R, complying with or exceeding the ITU established criteria in all aspects.

- 3GPP

ITU-R Confers IMT-Advanced (4G) Status to 3GPP LTE