Swedish 1800 MHz auction: stage 1 concludes. LTE 1800 deployment status.

1.35 bn SEK bid for 2 x 35 MHz of 1800 MHz. Two winning bidders (Net4Mobility and TeliaSonera), one other participated but did not win any in this stage (Hi3G). The detailed assignment of the frequncies continues in the next round.


In related news, GSA lists 9 commercial LTE1800 services and several additional commitments to launch (registration required):


Sprint converts its network to LTE, plans ‘aggressive rollout’ to be completed by 2013

At its strategy event today, Sprint finally went public with plans to “simplify its network” by converting its 1900MHz holdings and LightSquared’s 1600MHz spectrum (“pending FCC approval”) to LTE, an industry favorite. Helping the operator make that transition is the swath of 800MHz spectrum it reclaimed from the, now defunct, iDEN push-to-talk network — which had been a drain on the company’s resources. This spectrum, acquired from Nextel, will be phased out by mid-2013 and rolled into LTE. The company plans for a rapid deployment of this new 4G network, with the first LTE markets and handsets to hit in mid-2012, and the full rollout mostly completed by 2013.



Ofcom update on plans for award of 800MHz and 2.6GHz spectrum

Ofcom will consult again on issues raised by previous consultation. Revised timescale is:

"The auction itself would then follow a few months later – perhaps starting in Q4 2012"

Read the full statement at: