WRC12: update #1

As previously noted, Real Wireless is at World Radio Conference 2012. Here’s the first update on progress:

WRC-12 is well under way. Over 3000 delegates from over 150 countries, numerous international organisations and a diverse range of industries are considering over 2500 proposals. At the end of the first week, some agenda items have been dealt with, at least at the working level. Others however have raised major problems and conflicts. One, strictly beyond the scope of the WRC agenda, concerns an attempt to extend the mobile allocation in the UHF TV band in Europe, Africa and the Middle East below the current limit of 790 MHz. This has proved very controversial. On the positive side however, there is a good degree of consensus on including in the agenda of the next WRC (scheduled for late 2015) a wide-ranging item to look at the needs of mobile broadband/IMT and consider new frequency allocations. There is enormous pressure to complete all of the detailed work in time for formal approval by the WRC. This is requiring multiple meetings in parallel every day, including the weekends. The first week seems to have gone very quickly and there are only 3 more to go!

5th birthday party

Real Wireless celebrates its 5th birthday this month. collage of birthday images To celebrate we thanked customers, partners and friends with a party at Glazier’s Hall, right next to the River Thames adjacent to London Bridge. We had a cake and even a party game as befits a birthday. The talk was lively – and not only about wireless. Thanks again to all who have got us to this point and we look forward to many more exciting years in the wonderful world of wireless.

Real Wireless at World Radio Conference (WRC-12)

RA-12/WRC-12Real Wireless will be represented at the ITU’s World Radiocommunication Conference in Geneva, which starts on 23 January and will last for 4 weeks. International Spectrum Policy Advisor Mike Goddard will be on the UK delegation advising and supporting the UK regulator Ofcom and the Ministry of Defence. This year’s conference, which could have over 2000 participants from about 140 countries, will decide on frequency allocations and regulatory provisions for a wide range of radio services across a broad range of the radio spectrum. Mike has also been supporting GSMA, the mobile industry’s global forum, in seeking an agenda item on mobile broadband for the following WRC due in 2015.

The ITU website has the full details, and Mike will be posting regular updates. 

IMT-Advanced “4G” standards now officially LTE-Advanced and WiMAX 2

The ITU just announced the official designation of both LTE-Advanced and “WirelessMAN-Advanced” (=WiMAX2) as IMT-Advanced technologies. This is the nearest there is to a credible definition of 4G.

No surprises, but an important milestone.

We’re less sure of the credibility of describing these technologies as “like putting a fibre optic broadband connection on your mobile phone”

- ITU Press release: