Real Wireless Appointed to Enhance Cricketing Experience via Wireless

The England and Wales Cricket Board has appointed Real Wireless, working with partners Two Circles  to  review opportunities to enhance wireless services to mobile and fixed devices inside its cricket grounds. In an initial review earlier in the year we identified a wide range of opportunities for wireless services to provide additional data of interest to cricket spectators, to deliver a more informative and entertaining experience and to provide opportunities for interaction with the game in progress. These services can also support more efficient operations and ensure a trouble-free experience for all match personnel.

 In the new project we will engage with a wide range of wireless operators and conduct surveys at major cricket grounds to:

  • Gather ideas for wireless-enhanced applications of benefit and interest to cricket fans and support and media personnel
  • Audit and survey existing infrastructure and service from surrounding networks
  • Set clear requirements for wireless services, differentiated according to size of ground and timescale for deployment
  • Explore suitable engagement models to support technologies including Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G
  • Determine the form and scale of wireless infrastructure which will best deliver near-term benefits while operating within a strategic framework which is clear and consistent for the longer term future

 These steps will enable us to create a clear plan for rapid deployment of initial solutions and a longer-term roadmap for on-going service and infrastructure enhancements. We are now inviting expressions of interest to contribute to this process at:

Antennas and Propagation Short Course – 18-22 November 2013

Small Cells: Let's Get RealEvent: Antennas and Propagation Short Course   
Date: 18-22 November 2013 
Venue: Guildford, Surrey, UK
What: This long running and popular short course course is designed to provide an overview of the fundamental principles associated with microwave and RF antennas and propagation. The course will present the underlying theory in an accessible manner, together with techniques for application of the theory to satellite and mobile communications scenarios as well as broadcasting and indoor wireless applications. The course is partly based on a MSc modules taught at Surrey University. Topics include antenna principles and calculations from electromagnetic theory; radio propagation modelling, overcoming channel impairments, antenna design with the inclusion of laboratory demonstrations.

Simon Saunders of Real Wireless will be lecturing on propagation modelling for mobile networks, including macrocells, microcells, picocells and femtocells.

Emerging Technologies In Mobile Communications, Surrey Uni Short Course – 18-22 March 2013

Small Cells: Let's Get RealEvent: Emerging Technologies In Mobile Communications  
Date: 18-22 March 2013 
Venue: Guildford, Surrey, UK
What: In this short course, we will discuss the principles of emerging technologies that have been studied in recent years and are about to be deployed in commercial products and services. A team of prestigious academic and industrial lecturer will present the foundations and the trend for widespread deployment of advanced concepts such as MIMO/OFDM systems, Cooperative Communications, Cognitive Radio, Advanced Air Interface techniques such as femtocells.

Simon Saunders of Real Wireless will be presenting an introductory lecture entitled   “The Changing Shape of Mobile Networks”

Small Cells: Let’s Get Real! – 31 Jan, Cambridge Wireless Event in London

Small Cells: Let's Get RealEvent: Small Cells: Let’s Get Real!  
Date: 31 Jan 2013 
Venue: Central London
What: Attending as a champion of the Cambridge Wireless Small Cell Special Interest Group. This Small Cell event will take a hard look at the challenges facing operators, brought about by increased data traffic, including site selection and its acquisition, backhaul, power, installation and commissioning as well as the ensuing regulatory issues to achieve successful metro cell deployment. This half-day commences with lunch and will feature five specialist speakers, confirmed speakers include Peter Claydon of AirspanAndy Sutton of EEKevin Baughan of Virgin Media BusinessMike Lawton of Agilent Technologies and Peter Love of Nokia Siemens Networks, concluding with a full panel discussion.