Business Case for Enterprise Small Cells – Real Wireless report published by Small Cell Forum

Real Wireless' Business Case for Enterprise Small CellsThe Small Cell Forum has published its long awaited Release Two, looking at small cell deployments in offices and commercial premises to deliver in-building coverage & capacity.

Real Wireless – as the industry’s leading independent experts on small cells – was commissioned by the Forum to develop the comprehensive business case and financial model, which identifies the key reasons an operator would deploy small cells, the likely cost of deployment and under what circumstances it becomes profitable.

It covers the benefits – such as reduced churn, improved capacity and macro offload –  as well as all the costs. This ranges from the cost of the small cell and installation, to operating expenditures such as backhaul, management and maintenance.

Real Wireless developed the model, which covers a wide range of situations from small offices to large corporate headquarters; hotels to retail operations.

The analysis includes business cases for both the operator and the enterprise and discusses how benefits are shared. It demonstrates how improved coverage can increase competitive advantage, thus attracting new customers and increasing the value of a building development.

Download the Comprehensive Business Case here

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