Small Cells and the Enterprise – 21 January 2014

Event: Small Cells and the Enterprise
Date: 21 January 2014
Venue: London, UK
What: Speaking on “The Business Case for Enterprise Small Cells”

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Ofcom Update: Research report on options for improving in-building mobile coverage

OfcomOfcom has released a report from Real Wireless looking at improving mobile coverage inside buildings, the challenges of doing so and what needs to happen for data rates to meet consumer expectations.

While it is usually assumed that coverage will improve over time as operators deliver bigger networks and more efficient technologies, the changing construction materials of buildings and the rising expectations of wireless users for reliable high speed data services mean that indoor coverage could actually worsen for some.

The report found that to provide a reliable indoor data rate of just 2Mbps for the UK, 7.5m indoor coverage solutions could  be needed by 2016: the current outdoors-in approach alone won’t be enough to deliver on the potential benefits of mobile broadband, given that vast majority of usage is indoors in both homes and offices.

Other key findings were

  • To provide a data rate of just 2Mbps across the UK, 7.5m indoor coverage solutions will be needed by 2016 – the figure is even greater if the ability to have a choice amongst operators is factored in
  • For 10Mbps 35m indoor solutions would be required
  • Ignoring data – 5.5m solutions will still be needed for voice only coverage
  • There’s no single solution for all in-building coverage needs and operators and (wireless-dependent enterprises) need access to a broad ‘toolkit’ of solutions to meet every need
  • There is a gap in the market for a solution for medium-large office buildings – current solutions are too expensive or not mature enough for operators to deploy. Enterprise small cells are developing rapidly to meet this gap.