Wireless in Stadiums

The Challenge & Opportunities of Stadium Wireless

 We presented on this at a conference in Barcelona last week.

 Stadiums are famously some of the most challenging environments for wireless, but do offer a lot of opportunities for improving customer satisfaction, new revenue streams and operational efficiency.

 The presentation covers the challenges faced by stadium owners in meeting increasing demand for wireless but without sacrificing on the core values of their loyal supporters.

 But stadiums do have some specific technical difficulties compared with other wireless environments, including

o   Multiple user communities

o   Challenging architecture

o   Critical business requirements

o   Hig capacity density

o   A mixed propagation environment

 Getting the best from wireless in stadiums involves recognising and addressing all of these challenges and is likely to lead to a multi-party engagement model with appropriate independent wireless expertise  but whilst difficult it is definitely possible.

It also highlights some of the current challenges: such as the difficulty of getting cost effective Wi-Fi into a stadium bowl without producing a disappointing experience. And the current opportunities: such as using LTE Broadcast for a high quality video streaming and as a new source of content revenue.

The presentation is available in our downloads library.

These issues are discussed in more detail in a Stadium Magazine interview with RW Commercial Director Mark Keenan.

In addition, we discussed many of the commercial aspects in our White Paper.

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