Real Wireless joins 5G Innovation Centre

Wireless experts working with University of Surrey and industry’s biggest names to drive 5G development

London, UK – 20th May 2015 – Real Wireless has become a member of the 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) at the University of Surrey, joining the industry’s biggest names in driving the development and evaluation of 5G. Bringing together leading academic expertise and key industry partners in a shared vision, the 5GIC will help to define and develop 5G infrastructure.

Heavily involved in the early stages of 4G, Real Wireless brings its independent expertise and experience to the 5GIC to advise on regulatory, technical and business challenges.

“While there’s still no agreement as to what 5G will look like, there are a number of different options currently on the table and it’s important that each of these are carefully evaluated and tested,” said Professor Simon Saunders, Director of Technology at Real Wireless. “Real Wireless is bringing independent expertise to the 5GIC and we’re really excited to be a part of the next generation of mobile technologies.”

Research at the 5GIC will drive the delivery of a mobile communications network capable of meeting the needs of tomorrow. The focus will be on developing intelligent systems that work together to give the impression of unlimited data capacity, providing a network that is far faster than today’s 4G system, with greater energy-efficiency and reduced end user costs.

“Real Wireless’ independent expertise is an excellent addition to the 5GIC and they join many of the biggest names in the industry in helping to shape the future of 5G,” said Professor Rahim Tafazolli, Director of the Institute for Communication Systems (ICS) and the 5GIC. “With their understanding of both the business and technical challenges of wireless, Real Wireless joins the first wave of SME members of the 5GIC.”

The 5GIC is part of the University of Surrey’s Institute for Communication Systems (ICS), drawing on its status as an internationally leader in satellite and terrestrial mobile communication systems knowledge. The ICS previously made a major contribution to the development of 2G technology in the 1990s, 3G in the 2000s and 4G since 2010.

About Real Wireless
Real Wireless delivers independent, informed and innovative advisory services in every aspect of wireless, from the technical to the commercial. It works with mobile operators, governments, venues, building owners and regulators to bridge technical and commercial domains to help its clients get the best from wireless. With experts in every aspect of wireless and a proven track record, Real Wireless is one of the world’s leading wireless advisory firms.

Its clients include Ofcom, Wembley Stadium, The ECB, BAA, The European Commission, major network operators and many others.

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