Complexity made simple – Mark Keenan, CEO, Real Wireless

Real Wireless is ten years old. For ten years we have been at the leading edge of our industry, growing our business and establishing ourselves as the world’s leading wireless experts.

And in that decade, wireless technology, services and demand have undergone a transformation few predicted. Indeed, even the language has moved on. Virtualization, mobile edge computing and the Cloud, for example, were hardly common currency in 2006. Similarly, network densification, IoT and even 5G were viewed as longer-term concerns. Even old favourites like backhaul, Wi-Fi and last-mile solutions have evolved well beyond the versions we knew a decade ago.

We are only too aware that wireless technology has not stood still. And yet our fundamental mission hasn’t changed. We look at what our clients want. We examine what is out there or on the way in terms of technology, techniques and services. And we help our clients to save money and make cost-effective, future-proof investments.

Asked to position our offer, we can say Real Wireless bridges the gap between the wireless industry and wireless users. The technology evolves, the underlying architectures become more elaborate, the orchestration, installation, regulation and overall management of networks and systems become more demanding, but we help to make all of it work for our clients. That was true when we started and it’s still true today.

Of course, behind the simple concept of ‘making it work’ is no shortage of modelling tools, location-specific solutions and, of course expertise and commitment. We are focused solely on wireless and we are independent; we judge all wireless technologies and solutions on their merits and relevance to a given need. We can supply experts in everything from simulation modelling and mobile security to radio propagation and economic and regulatory issues. Small cells, cellular planning, spectrum policy, antennas, core networks… our experts can tackle all of these — and more. And we continually ensure that our pool of expertise is expanded to meet both change and growing demand.

Ensuring reliable wireless coverage for Wembley Stadium — one of our very first projects — illustrates this approach well. It’s not about installing a system and walking away. It’s about managing change. Over the past ten years, stadium coverage needs have given way to capacity requirements. Smartphone-equipped users are the norm, not the privileged few. Hardware and software need to be assessed as new options become available. Emergency services will soon move from TETRA to LTE. All of this has been managed without disrupting the smooth running of the client’s communications offering.

As it has over the past ten years, wireless communications will get even more complex as Real Wireless enters its second decade. But we will always aim to offer expertise and experience that can manage that complexity, never forgetting that the end goal will still be to do something very simple: to make wireless work for our clients.