Small Cells Global Congress – 5-6 November 2013

Event: Small Cells Global Congress
Date: 5- 6 November 2013 
Venue: Berlin, Germany
What: Presenting on Wednesday 6th November: “Meeting the challenges and capitalising on the opportunities of urban small cell deployment”
Chair the afternoon on Tuesday 5th in the small cells track
Panel on Wednesday 6th – 10:05 Small Cell Systems in the Enterprise, Beyond Coverage & Capacity

Small cell webinar: The Hunt for the Golden Lamppost 23 July 2013

We conducted a webinar, co-organised with the nice folks at Telecom Evangelist, entitled “The Hunt for the Golden Lamppost – the challenges of deploying a small cell network”.

The webinar was conducted  on 23rd July 2013, but can now be viewed online at: 

The webinar covers:

  • - The state of play in small cells today
  • - Situation report on the hunt for small cell sites in the UK – the “lamp grab”
  • - The need to align communities of interest
  • - Understanding operator motivations for small cells: it’s not just about capacity
  • - The challenges – rewriting the radio planning rule book
  • - Approaches to valuing small cell site portfolios
  • - The potential role of a Small Cells as a Service approach

Aligning Small Cell Incentives, London 19 Sept

Aligning Small Cell IncentivesEvent: Aligning Small Cell Incentives
Date: 19 September 2013 
Venue: London 
What: We have suggested this event and are working with Cambridge Wireless to create a full programme.  

The need for small cells is now well established, giving an opportunity for mobile operators to deliver ever-increasing levels of capacity while improving user experience, despite limited spectrum and technology gains.  However, getting the best from small cells requires the alignment of the incentives for small cells amongst several parties with distinct and potentially conflicting needs.

The event will bring together experts from every element of the small cell value chain to share their experiences of recent high-profile deployments and ‘war stories’ concerning the lessons they have learnt on how to get the best from small cells.

“Phase Ready” Seminar – 8 May 2013

Phase Ready SeminarEvent: Chronos “Phase Ready” Seminar  
Date: 8 May 2013 
Venue: London, UK
What:  This event by leading telecom timing and synchronisation specialists, Chronos, will explore the issues in ensuring appropriate synchronisation in LTE-A networks, especially associated with the rise in small cells. Our technology director, Simon Saunders, will be delivering the industry keynote “Big Time for Small Cells”.

Antennas and Propagation Short Course – 18-22 November 2013

Small Cells: Let's Get RealEvent: Antennas and Propagation Short Course   
Date: 18-22 November 2013 
Venue: Guildford, Surrey, UK
What: This long running and popular short course course is designed to provide an overview of the fundamental principles associated with microwave and RF antennas and propagation. The course will present the underlying theory in an accessible manner, together with techniques for application of the theory to satellite and mobile communications scenarios as well as broadcasting and indoor wireless applications. The course is partly based on a MSc modules taught at Surrey University. Topics include antenna principles and calculations from electromagnetic theory; radio propagation modelling, overcoming channel impairments, antenna design with the inclusion of laboratory demonstrations.

Simon Saunders of Real Wireless will be lecturing on propagation modelling for mobile networks, including macrocells, microcells, picocells and femtocells.