‘The Road to the Autonomous Vehicle’ – Automotive and Transport SIG Event – 2nd December 2014

Cambridge WirelessEvent: ‘The Road to the Autonomous Vehicle’ – Automotive and Transport SIG Event
Date: 2nd December 2014
Venue: Silverstone Park, Silverstone Circuit, Towcester, Northamptonshire NN12 8GX

What: Real Wireless are the SIG Champions helping organise this event to discuss all the technologies needed for self-driving cars. These include wireless connectivity, telemetry, radar, navigation, big data and many more. This will be a fascinating event, covering many different areas of technology. It is co-organised with MEPC and will be at Silverstone racetrack.

‘Interoperability of Small Cells & the existing cellular networks – What’s the hold up?’ – 1 October 2014

Cambridge WirelessEvent: ‘Interoperability of Small Cells & the existing cellular networks – What’s the hold up?’ Cambridge Wireless Small Cell SIG
Date: 1 October 2014
Venue: PwC, LondonWhat: Professor Simon Saunders, Real Wireless Director of Technology will chair this event.

Small cells are proliferating in their many forms. To become a true part of the HetNet they need to be automatically and smoothly incorporated into the existing macrocell network, raising questions of standards, interoperability and performance. 3G femtocells created the first fully open interface in cellular history, with Iuh providing both control/data functionality and a management protocol on open standards. Plugfests and individual operator efforts have built on these foundations.

Yet experience shows that there is a big gap between open standards and open interoperability, with a true multivendor environment still not being at anything like the level of, say today’s DSL modems. Is such open interop possible, or even desirable at this stage in the market?

‘Wearables – The Internet of Us’ – Connected Devices SIG Event 9th October 2014

Cambridge WirelessEvent: ‘Wearables – The Internet of Us’ – Connected Devices SIG Event
Date: 9th Oct 2014
Venue: Deloitte, Stonecutter Court, EC4A 4TR
What: Attending
There is immense excitement about wearable technology, but after the whimper of approval for the Apple Watch, where is the wearables industry going? There is no doubt about the level of innovation in wearables, as companies fight to extend connectivity to everything we wear.

Future of Wireless International Conference 2014 – 30 June – 1 July 2014

Cambridge WirelessEvent: Future of Wireless International Conference 2014
Date: 30 June – 1 July 2014
Venue: Cambridge, UK
What: Silver Sponsors

FWIC this year is on a subject Real Wireless really believes in. We all know phones & smartphones have dramatic effects on GDP and on quality of life. It is no exaggeration to say mobile has the opportunity to improve living standards around the world in a way not seen since the industrial revolution or the agrarian “green revolution”. But not all places are equal: while city centres or rich suburbs may have great service, sparsely populated ones have less. And that is true whether it is the rural highlands of Scotland, or the developing areas of sub-saharan Africa.

So how do we get coverage to those places?
What are the economic drivers?
How do make sure networks are useful and not congested?
What can we do to make sure those benefits reach those who will most benefit?

We’ll be discussing this issues at FWIC, and we will be announcing a major new initiative to help address them.