Wireless for Good


Real Wireless strongly believes in the significant economic and social benefits that wireless coverage offers.

We have analysed the impact of using appropriate technology on enhancing the availability of mobile broadband in rural areas in depth.

Our  initial analysis  indicated that there was good potential for matching technology to the population distribution and income levels of many areas around the world.

We subsequently conducted an in-depth study published by the Small Cell Forum, which demonstrated the opportunity for $1 trillion of GDP benefit worldwide.

We are now keen to help to turn these opportunities into reality. The ‘Real Wireless – Wireless for Good’ initiative consists of both funding and pro bono assistance.

  • To maximise the social impact of appropriate, sustainable wireless connectivity
  • We will contribute targeted funds to selected initiatives which meet our objective
  • As well as funds, we are seeking initiatives to which we can contribute advice and expertise on a pro bono basis

We would welcome suggestions for suitable projects or from NGOs or charities that would like further discussion.

The first specific award from our fund is to Télécoms Sans Frontières or TSF (English: Telecoms Without Borders) is a which specializes in supplying telecommunications services in emergency situations.