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Forget Wi-Fi, support the team: the importance of wireless in stadiums

By Mark Keenan, Director of Technology, Real Wireless
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Wembley Stadium
Airspace management & technical consultancy – We have been engaged by WNSL since before the new stadium opened to provide a wide range of wireless consultancy services to both WNSL and the Football Association. We also provide support at all events for the management of spectrum and radio systems deployed in the stadium. We also provide consultancy support for all cellular, radio and wireless needs for WNSL and the Football Association.

public space

Technical consultancy – We provide a range of wireless consultancy services to BAA, including the preparation of design standards for all wireless systems deployments in their airports. We are also engaged to investigate suitable technologies to be used for various applications at BAA airports.

Connected stadiums infographic

Connected Stadiums Infographic
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In-building coverage infographic

Improving In-building Coverage Infographic
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The business opportunities for wireless at events

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