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Femtocells Book

Femtocells book cover Out now - a new book on femtocells by the founding chairman of the Femto Forum and a group of leading experts in the field, published by Wiley.

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Basic Femtocell Architecture

Femtocells outlines how these low-power wireless access points can be used by mobile operators to provide high-speed wireless access to existing mobile handsets in home and offices, enhancing coverage and capacity and delivering new services, while maximising the benefits of licensed spectrum. It examines the market, exploring commercial and technical factors which are critical in the initial deployment and long-term success of femtocells. Business and regulatory aspects are also considered to provide a complete but concise overview.

This book summarises a new technology, which has recently received significant attention with products on the market, new standards in place and commercial deployments starting. Written by leading experts in this field, this book provides information on why cellular operators should use femtocells, what is involved in making them work and how they are used across the various wireless technologies (UMTS, WiMAX, CDMA, GSM etc).

Extract from the Foreword

"..the breakthrough combinations of wireline backhaul with wireless Femtocells promise so much more in terms of spectrum utilisation, capacity and quality, cost reduction, and service differentiation.

"This book covers these issues comprehensively with a great introduction to the role of Femtocells and their growing capability.

"The Editor has provided a much needed introductory text for students, engineers and practitioners alike to help grow this industry... this book will go a long way to help pragmatically in both understanding and meeting this vision.....inside out."

Dr Mike Short FBCS, FIET, FRGS  

Vice President – R&D , Telefónica O2 Europe

Former Chairman - Global GSM Association  

Visiting Professor - University of Surrey