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We have published a new guide ‘The business opportunities for wireless in transport’ to explore the additional services and business models that can be enabled by wireless. Bringing together the experience and insight of our experts from across the wireless industry, it provides an overview of the potential services that must be taken into account by transport companies looking at rolling out wireless services.

  • Railways – enhanced customer services, better insights into customer behaviour and reduced carriage weight
  • Aerospace – reduced turnaround time, more effective airport security, improved crisis management and increased revenue from new services
  • Roads – accident prevention, faster accident response times and smoother traffic flow systems to reduce congestion
  • Maritime – onboard cellular networks, better tracking of cargo and new revenue streams for port operators

The business opportunities for wireless in transport


A well considered approach can prove highly lucrative for operators and regulators, as well as streamlining their everyday operations and enhancing their customers’ experience.” Mark Keenan, Commercial Director, Real Wireless.