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Towards 5G Mobile Technology – Vision to Reality

Bridging the 5G gap – Can the mobile industry really reach new vertical markets?

Speaking at the IET 5G Mobile Technology conference on 19 November 2015, Simon Saunders considers how the mobile industry can bridge the 5G gap and asks whether the industry can reach new vertical markets.

Small Cells – Past Present & Future

Simon Saunders provides an in-depth retrospective and future view on small cells as he finishes his term chairing Small Cell Forum and resumes activities at Real Wireless.

25 minutes.

800 MHz LTE coverage demonstration

More details of this demonstration available here.

TMC Net interview in March 2010 at CTIA

Femto Forum Chair Simon Saunders on LTE

Femtocells are important for LTE networks as they improve the operator business case, while also providing the best possible user experience. In this video recorded at 4G World 2010, Femto Forum Chair Simon Saunders describes how the Femto Forum is working with the standards bodies to ensure that LTE femtocells will not be far behind the LTE macrocell rollout which is currently underway.

Femtocells address the challenge of mobile data upswing

With more and more of us ramping up our mobile data usage, the challenge for operators is to keep pace with demand while keeping capex under control. In this interview Professor Simon Saunders discusses the role femtocells can play in off-loading traffic from macro networks.

Working with ETSI to drive standards

This video provides an overview of the work being done by the Femto Forum and ETSI to develop femtocell standards which make the most of the technology and enjoy widespread industry support. This includes an overview of the state of femtocell standards, the features they support, how the industry was marshalled to support them through plugfests as well as their future evolution.

In-Building Wireless: Past, Present and Future

Venue: Presentation from the Holiday Inn, Reading, Berkshire, UK
Speaker: Prof. Simon Saunders PhD CEng FIET, Vice-Chairman, IET Berkshire Local Network
Date: 2007-11-08 at 12:00 on Communications Channel

This lecture surveys the growing needs for dedicated in-building systems, describe existing approaches such as distributed antenna systems and explain the new technology developments including femtocells and distributed base stations which are expected to give operators an opportunity for expanding services into smaller office environments and in the home.

View webcast & presentation » Lecture starts at 06:30

In Building Wireless Video