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As an industry association bringing together wireless industry players to build a business case for a technology or service, you need to call on unbiased, authoritative sources of insight to make your association’s case – internally and externally. Who can offer the insight and expertise you need?

The challenge

Wireless underpins the aims of many of today’s technology and communications industry associations. It offers new possibilities – from hardware to services – that could influence the direction of a market that enjoys a vast, global reach. The rewards for getting it right could be immense. No wonder then that a number of industry associations promoting new or enhanced ways to deliver wireless and wireless services are keen to make their case in as effective a way as possible. This, however, often means understanding and addressing the needs and concerns of a diverse membership while also delivering a strong and credible message.

How we can help

Real Wireless – as the world’s leading independent wireless advisory firm – has been commissioned by a number of industry associations in the wireless space to develop comprehensive, independent business cases and financial and technical models to underpin their strategy and planning. These associations include Small Cell Forum, GSMA, UK Space Agency, techUK and UK Spectrum Policy Forum. Real Wireless can offer expertise in all aspects of the wireless industry. It can supply comprehensive analyses covering benefits, costs, new markets and technology evolution. Real Wireless research and analysis combine technical and economic assessments with clarity and readability to help an industry association to bring a comprehensive message to the widest possible audience – from operators and vendors to the enterprise and the end user.

Your association needs clear, independent and above all credible insight to spread the word.

You need Real Wireless. Making wireless work for wireless industry associations.

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