For the property sector

For property developers and owners wireless provision could mean one of two things. It could mean ensuring in-building coverage. It could also mean licensing part of a property to a wireless company.

The challenge

New builds need to be wireless ready. Established properties could offer a location useful for a mobile operator or another wireless company to position equipment. In both cases you, the property developer or owner, will have questions that need to be answered.

For new build installations how do you work out which wireless system you need? What sort of specifications does the tender process require? Which vendors and suppliers should you focus on and what could they offer? Will the wireless services ultimately deployed in a building be robust and meet your requirements?

For site licensing you will need to assess the terms that are being offered. Will the system proposed bring benefits, such as improved coverage or added revenue, to the site owner’s building or business? What are the disadvantages?

How we can help

If you are ensuring in-building coverage we can help with specifications, advise on technologies, find vendors and establish whether what those vendors are proposing will meet your requirements. We can act as your representative, ensuring that the system implemented and deployed meets your requirements and conforms to the terms of the agreement. We can also do post-implementation test and acceptance of the system to confirm that results meet requirements.

If you have space that could be licensed we can provide technical and industry knowledge of what wireless providers put in their licensing agreements, based on decades of relevant experience. We can advise you on what you should, and should not, accept.

You need people that understand the language that operators, vendors and other players in the wireless industry speak. You need relevant experience, in radio system design, deployment, project management or related areas.

You need Real Wireless. Making wireless work for the property sector.

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