For regulators

At all levels of government – from national to international – critical and far-reaching regulatory decisions need to be made about wireless deployment and policy. But do you have the information and expertise you need?

The challenge

What are the relative gains of 4G over 3G for different technology feature combinations? How will capacity grow against demand? What are or could be the roles of LTE, LTE-Advanced, broadcasting, satellites, PMR and other services? What policies will promote services for consumers and innovation opportunities for industry? How could 5G change the wireless landscape? How can essential public services be protected from interference? What are the competition implications of major mergers of international operators and what remedies might be appropriate to protect consumers? How should spectrum sharing be implemented? How can coverage be extended to rural areas in the most cost-effective manner?

These are just some of the questions that governments and regulators are being asked as they frame telecommunications policy that could transform the lives of millions of citizens in countries across the world.

How we can help

Understanding and applying technology are the main challenges for wireless telecommunications policy. Our experts have done both. They have, for example, conducted detailed interference modeling of emissions from LTE equipment operating in the 2.6 GHz band into the upper adjacent 2.7 GHz band. They have determined the relative gains of 4G over 3G for different technology feature combinations and forecast how mobile capacity will grow against demand. They have participated in determining policy for allocating spectrum to meet the communications requirements of emergency and public safety services. They have been mandated to ensure that roaming and spectrum-based commitments imposed on parties in a major operator merger are adhered to. But they have also worked with vendors and operators rolling out and deploying technology and networks.

Your regulatory authority needs independent advice and support to build a strategy that will deliver now and in the long term. You need a technology-agnostic, expert team that can make recommendations for real-world requirements.

You need Real Wireless. Making wireless work for regulators.

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