For the transport sector

Wireless opens up a world of possibilities for the transport networks, whether customer or cargo-focused – if you can deploy it efficiently and cost-effectively.

The challenge

Millions of passengers expect reliable, ubiquitous connectivity at transport hubs and, increasingly, in the air, at sea and on rail. However there are significant technical challenges. Hubs in particular are some of the most hyperdense parts of a network; thousands of people may be arriving and departing at any given point. How can you ensure they have the connectivity that they expect – both before and during their journey?

But wireless has a lot more to offer the transport sector than just passenger connectivity. Wireless systems underpin safety and information for drivers and will be key to future autonomous vehicles. Many transport networks rely on outmoded and inefficient communications systems. Staff communications, track or road security and monitoring, signalling, cargo-tracking and even equipment maintenance can all be vastly improved with wireless connectivity. Wireless can bring operational efficiencies across all aspects of a transport operation — whether passenger or cargo-based. But how can you plan and budget for a system that will offer the best possible return on investment?

How we can help

Wireless can improve operational efficiency at all levels of a transport operation. But careful consideration needs to be made of the technology needed and the financial return on investment. Real Wireless and its experts have worked with some of the biggest names in the transportation sectors. Real Wireless can demonstrate ways in which wireless can deliver a clear return on investment for your operation, whether rail, road, air or sea, whether passenger or cargo-based. We can help you to plan and provide wireless connectivity for passenger use at hubs and during journeys. To deploy wireless for staff communications as well as trackside information and station security. To use wireless to monitor cargo in transit and assess the equipment maintenance needs.

Your operation needs greater efficiency and reliable, secure 24/7 connectivity. Your business needs independent advice and support to specify and procure future-proof wireless systems.

You need Real Wireless. Making wireless work for the transport sector.

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