Venue owners

For venue owners

Wireless is a major challenge for any group – public or private – aiming to offer connectivity at specific sites, buildings or events. Users will want to be continuously connected and to use email, VPNs or social media — but that isn’t easy. And who will pay for it?

The challenge

Running stadiums and major venues is no longer simply a matter of bricks and mortar, processing customers and selling tickets. You need a wireless strategy. Venue owners in particular need to ensure capacity and connectivity, not just for fans and attendees who want to text, email or upload photos, but also for emergency services and administration. But all venues have different cost constraints, customer expectations and demands and timescales. They also have to choose from a number of technologies, such as 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, PMR and DAS — and a number of vendors. And they need to address the opportunities these technologies could bring for value added services based on data analytics, time and place awareness and customer profile.

How we can help

You need to work with people able to understand and meet the wireless needs of your venue. You also need to know how user requirements can be met within budget. But that’s not all. Can you deploy a wireless service quickly? Can you manage it at times of greatest demand? Can you add value to your wireless service? To meet any of these requirements your venue may have to call on consultancy support, preparation of design standards, technology assessment, deployment planning, and even on-site management of special events.

Real Wireless experts can offer all these services — and have, to many large venues. However, our biggest project so far has involved providing a wide range of wireless consultancy and support services for all the cellular, radio and wireless needs of major sports venue in the UK.

You need a company that understands how to choose and deploy all the technologies that can meet your venue’s needs.

You need Real Wireless. Making wireless work for venue owners.

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