Wireless is a major – and growing – business with new opportunities emerging daily. IoT, 5G, SON… all are, or promise to be, technologies and avenues that will offer an excellent return on investment. But how can you be sure your investment is worthwhile?

The challenge

Whether you’re an investor needing technology or market due diligence on a target company, or a technology provider wanting assistance on your market assessment and product and technology roadmap in readiness for pitching to investors, you know that wireless is perhaps the world’s pre-eminent investment opportunity. It’s an industry with markets almost everywhere on the planet, one that is still growing and one that is continually offering new avenues and business models. IoT, M2M, LBS, Wi-Fi, HetNets, SON, 4G, 5G, LTE-U… the evolution of established and evolving technologies continues and the investment opportunities in hardware, software, services and technology are undeniable. But not all opportunities are going to be revenue-producing. How can you assess the potential of an investment target, acquisition or partner? Or the quality of its products? Or the possible market value of its IP?

How we can help

Whether it’s due diligence, market valuation, opportunity assessment or investment advice, our team can offer expertise based on experience in all areas of wireless technology development – from engineering, research and rollout to management, marketing and economics. We can bring together a group of experts with a decision-making background at senior levels in influential telecommunications companies to give you all the information you need to make a reliable investment decision. We work across a wide variety of wireless sectors and technologies, including mobile, satellite, broadcast, private and business radio. We have no fixed allegiances to any operator, vendor or technology. The result is truly independent, deeply informed advice.

You need independent advice to guide investments. You need unbiased, expert support.

You need Real Wireless. Making wireless work for investors.