Wireless and retail


Despite the surge in online sales, bricks-and-mortar retail remains alive and well. What has changed is the way retailers on the high street persuade customers to keep coming back, with one theme running throughout every current consumer-retention strategy — technology.

Welcome to the world of omni-channel retail, a world in which online and in-store are unified through connectivity. A world in which retailers are getting closer to shoppers by:

  • Replacing physical loyalty cards with apps
  • Providing personalised discounts based on customer preferences
  • Interacting with them through social media
  • Accepting contactless payments
  • Allowing shoppers to scan items themselves to speed up the checkout process
  • Encouraging rather than discouraging the ability to compare price and product so customers can make a more informed decision

However, there’s a danger that right now all the focus is on services and applications, and that the communications infrastructure has been forgotten. The fact is that successful omni-channel means stretched connectivity and outside/in wireless is rarely good enough on its own.

This report shows why retailers and their landlords need to take action to ensure the availability of mission-critical wireless connectivity 24/7; the risks if they don’t and the benefits to both customers and retailers from getting it right.

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